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Monday, 7 April 2008

Inexpensive Health Tips

By using inexpensive colour therapy principles, as suggested by the renowned naturopath, Dr. K.C. Garg (of Delhi, India), one could prevent and/or cure several diseases. One should take green, brown and blue coloured glass bottles, fill them up with drinking water and expose them to direct sunlight for six hours. After bringing the contents of these bottles to room temperature, continued consumption of this charged water would be of great advantage to patients of a large number of diseases.
Some of these diseases are:

Contents of GREEN bottle to be taken before meals: Purifies blood; Removes infection; Removes mild fever; Typhoid; Chicken pox; Cataract; Burning of eyes; Skin diseases; Septic conditions; Ringworm; Piles; Constipation

Contents of BROWN bottle to be taken after meals: Cough and cold; Acidity; Sinus; Arthritis; Bed-wetting; Indigestion; Pain during Menses; Low Blood Pressure; Diabetes.

Contents of BLUE bottle to be taken at other times: High fever; Headache; Bleeding of gums; Toothache; Earache; Nervousness; Dry skin; Insomnia; Ulcers.

Dr. Garg also says that to stay fit and healthy one should have only upto 20 per cent of acidic diet (tea, coffee, fried food, oily dishes, junk food etc.) and the rest should be alkaline in nature ( Lemon water with honey, Mango/Banana shake, seasonal fruits, carrots, turnips, radish, tomato,vegetable soup, finely chopped dates boiled in milk etc.)

Patients of Urinary Tract Infection, symptoms of which are burning sensation while passing urine and frequent need to pass urine, are advised by Dr. Anjali Mukerjee to make some changes in their diet. This infection is generally caused by harmful bacteria. One should start eating cherries {rich in anti-oxidants}, garlic, fresh radish leaves, cabbage, carrot, ginger, onion, curd and turmeric as well as drinking large quantities of water, Cranberry juice, buttermilk, barley water and coconut water.

Medical research has shown that CANCER cells in the body thrive only in an acidic environment. One should therefore reduce the intake of food which is acidic in nature and Dr. K.C. Garg suggests that eating black grapes (which are alkaline in nature) could help in the prevention/cure of this disease. Besides this, Dr. Garg recommends consumption of the following things for some common ailments:

Kidney disorder – Bananas; Liver disorder – Plums (Aloo Bukhara); Malaria – chew 2 Neem leaves daily; Migraine – Dahi, Rice and Dalchini; Sciatica pain – Lemon juice with warm water; Frequent need for passing urine – Jamun juice; Thyroid problem – Pineapple; Increasing mental power – almonds (Badam) and green Papaya.

----- A guest article

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